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So my first portrait is of the protagonist, Henry, from one of my online stories. There’s a crease in the picture, which is a bit unfortunate. Will be more careful with my next sketch.

I decided to go for a realistic-expressionistic look to better express his personality.

In this case, Henry is troubled, which is why I have him staring into the distance (how deep!). I think the eyebrows help create the troubled, but thoughtful look too. They slightly stoop in the middle. It always amazes me how subtleties of expression completely change a person’s look. If I had the eyebrows completely straight, he’d probably look quite serious. If I had, however, the eyebrows on a curve like a humpbacked bridge, he’d look rather surprised instead.

Something I always struggle with is symmetry, which is another reason why I started this project. Henry’s head is on a slight angle, which means the rest of his face would be on an angle too. How you ensure that the facial features are perfectly aligned is by drawing parallel lines where the features of the face should be. Sometimes, though, I have a tendency to not want to make things perfectly aligned, but almost aligned, because it makes the picture slightly disconcerting and you don’t quite know why. I didn’t intend to do that with this picture.

Anyway, overall, I think he turned out okay. Not perfect, but if it was up to me, I’d be tweaking him forever. XD


  1. He is absolutely gorgeous, but also, I can tell he’s troubled. This gives me far more insight into his personality than a Sim, with the expression and everything. I like that he’s on an angle, because his face is beautiful, but not perfect to too much of a degree.

    • Thank you. I’m glad you like him. Also I love your site name. ❤

      • Thanks! It was, after all, an autism acceptance blog for almost a year before I realized I had said everything I wanted to say.

      • I remember the blog. It was great.

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