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Adrian O’Donnell

Adrian is one of Alex’s distant cousins and a member of his circle of friends. She is also a friend of Tilney, although he’s secretly scared of her. She would argue that if he only stopped clicking his pen in class, she would have a little more patience left for lunch and wouldn’t feel the need to point out his areas of weakness.

For Adrian’s freckles, I use a technique where I take my blending stump, rub the tip in graphite, and dab it all over her face. The effect gives the freckles an authentic randomness. No individual freckle is the same shape, size or colour and this technique is a fast way to create that effect.

One of my personal nightmares is drawing a mouth that is slightly open. Teeth are difficult to shape. In my previous portraits, the teeth always appear as if they’re sticking outwards. I am thankful that I have finally pulled off sketching straight-ish teeth.


  1. I like the way she looks, because she seems realistic. I think that’s what I like about these portraits…they’re not just pretty people. They look like real people. All Sims are kind of a bit too pretty, but the way you’ve drawn these people don’t have to be .

    • Thank you. I’m enjoying drawing my characters the way I have always imagined them in my head.

  2. I love her hair! It’s gorgeous, like those loreal commercials haha Also, the freckles are truly amazing!!

    • Frances Frances

      Aww thank you. Sorry, only just seen this. ❤

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