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Tag: Awakening: A Not Too Distant Future

Awakening: A Not Too Distant Future

By Eric Jeffrey Kaufman

I have received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. 

In the near future, planet Earth as we know it is dying. The human race is diminishing, while cyborgs are increasing at a rapid rate. Can humans and cyborgs work together to save the humanity?

The story centres on a very relevant topic. How do we adapt to a planet that’s becoming uninhabitable? Should we bend the Earth to our will, or should we adapt to the Earth? I appreciated a science fiction story about global warming and the risks we are likely to face in the near future. I also appreciated the ethics that this book brings up around technology and at what point, when we enhance ourselves and our lives through technological advancements, are we ceasing to be human?

While I enjoyed the subject and the ethical questions that this book brought up, I did have a couple of issues with the expression. For instance, in the first few chapters there was some confusion with the tenses.

For example: 

“Striding through the darkened club, I keep my head held high and my shoulders back. I was dressed in an impeccably tailored Armani three- piece suit.”
– Chapter one

In addition, I would have preferred to see more showing rather than telling. 

Having said that, I appreciated the flawed protagonist, Ricardo. At first, I couldn’t stand his arrogance and sexist behaviour, but as the story unfolded I came to respect the way the character was drawn. Ricardo’s journey from arrogant to recognising his own ignorance was particularly well-done and the twist at the end caught me off guard. 

Overall, I found Awakening to be an interesting read. I would recommend it to hardcore sci fi lovers looking for something different.

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