Henry (Updated)

I decided to draw Henry again, but in a style closer to how I drew Alex. I originally drew Henry in a more cartoonish style, as I based it off the character in my graphic novel series. This Henry is as he appears in the novel adaptation that I’m currently working on. Still the same Henry, but drawn in a more traditional style. I’m really pleased with how he has turned out. He’s exactly how I imagine him in my head; big beautiful eyes, long thin face and generous bottom [ . . . ]


So my first portrait is of the protagonist, Henry, from one of my online stories. There’s a crease in the picture, which is a bit unfortunate. Will be more careful with my next sketch. I decided to go for a realistic-expressionistic look to better express his personality. In this case, Henry is troubled, which is why I have him staring into the distance (how deep!). I think the eyebrows help create the troubled, but thoughtful look too. They slightly stoop in the middle. It always amazes me how subtleties of [ . . . ]