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Tag: Her Cup of Tea

Her Cup Of Tea


After reading this short story, I spent the next couple of days thinking through its underlying messages. I love short stories that leave the reader to figure out what they’re really saying. I came to the conclusion that this story is about solitude and the satisfaction of being alone and happy.

The story is about a woman who is being stalked by someone who she cannot see but of whom she feels the presence. However, she knows him (from work) when she sees him at a café, and she confronts him. The two become friends. The ending has a twist. 

The sun – Mr Sun – is the only character the main character acknowledges and talks to, besides her stalker. The effect gives an extra layer to the main character and captures her comfort in solitude. The ending, which I don’t want to spoil, indicates that the stranger might represent the absence of the sun. 

The only thing I didn’t think worked was the over-use of repetition. It sometimes detract from the mood and tension. Otherwise, the story is well-paced. If you like abstract short stories, I would recommend this. 

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